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Who's Ary?

Ary Maudit is a non-binary multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer based in London. They define themselves as a 'one-person studio', due to the wide range of skills they acquired throughout 10 years of experience within the music industry. 

Ary started their music career at an early age, learning how to play guitar at nine years old and then self-teaching six more instruments. The interest in music production and audio started in 2013 when they co-wrote and produced their first band EP. Being out of music-related resources and facilities, they bought sufficient studio material to run production and recording in an abandoned summer house. In 2016 they moved to London with the aim to pursue their music career, starting sessions as lead guitarist for rock/punk bands who led them to play iconic venues across UK such as O2 Islington, 100 Club, Blackpool Opera House for Rebellion festival, O2 Arena Lounge, Prince Albert and more.

Ary has always been attracted to diversity and underground sounds, a drive that led them to start working in clubs in east London. Until 2018, when they decided to pause and start a Music Production and Audio Engineering course at ICMP London while working part-time for Live Nation. 

Ary’s experience in different environments allowed them to craft their ears to a versatile range of sounds. They founded AM Productions in 2019, a music production company for independent LGBTQIA+, women, and gender non-conforming artists/projects. They are proud to have recorded, mixed, and produced three albums (one featured on Vive Le Rock Magazine - February’s Issue) and plenty of singles in two years of activity. Ary's also a songwriter and released their debut EP 'Fish Love' in January 2020, writing, producing, mixing, and mastering the whole product.